Beyak defeats Hnidy in the battle of the ties

One of my favourite hockey related Twitter accounts to follow is @NHLTies. It is original, unique and completely ridiculous. If you’re not familliar with @NHLTies, their info reads as “A world where Hockey media, coaches & players all compete in a Tie Shootout scored on a best of three; Knots, Dimples and Style (KDS)!” In simpler terms, they are rating the tie-knots of personalities in the hockey world.

I hadn’t seen much love for the TSN 3 broadcast of Winnipeg Jets games so I sent a screenshot of Dennis Beyak and Shane Hnidy to @NHLTies. After hours of deliberation, they replied with the verdict.

Shane Hnidy discussed his defeat on the Rona Roundtable with Rick Ralph on TSN 1290 Winnipeg. Rick Ralph, the host of the Rona Roundtable chalked up Beyak’s victory to experience, Hnidy used the “Nazem Kadri Defense” saying that he needs to care more:

 “I don’t spend alot of time on my tie. My mom and dad wanted me to do a better tie this year, so I switched to a half windsor knot. But I get a little frustrated sometimes, and eventually I’m just happy to have it on.”

For instructions on how to tie a tie, I highly recommend The video embedded below is a great tutorial for a half-windsor knot.

The Winnipeg Jets Broadcasters return to action on TSN 3 tomorrow night as the Winnipeg Jets go up against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center.