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Jets Lunch – June 9, 2016

I made my first appearance on TSN3 co-hosting Jets Lunch with Darrin Bauming. In the clips below we interviewed Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka, and discussed why fans should be optimistic about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Kelly Hrudey is just going to comment on the hockey

Mark Lee and Kelly Hrudey take the anti-Brent Musberger approach to broadcasting after a Victoria’s Secret model is shown on CBC’s broadcast of Game 4 of the LA Kings/San Jose Sharks series. They’re just going to comment on the hockey folks!

ambrosioUpdate: The female in question is Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio (@AngelAlessandra)


For those who don’t remember, here’s Brent Musberger’s reaction to seeing Alabama QB AJ McCarron’s girlfriend (now fiancee) Katherine Webb shown during the 2013 NCAA Football National Championship game.

Lucic sticks Dekeyser in the balls

Milan Lucic sticks Danny DeKeyser in the balls here after being on the wrong end of a body check. TSN’s Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie said that he didn’t expect any supplementary discipline, I didn’t realize that in the NHL nut shots were fair game.

The last thing the NHL needs is guys running around trying to sack each other as stealthy as possible to avoid a penalty. Here’s Corey Perry spearing Jamie Benn from the same night!

Al Montoya does the splits

Al Montoya is a great puck handler but it gets him into trouble here. Montoya quickly recovers with this move that makes even my groin hurt!

Adam Burish hand injury from blocked shot

Not even Johnny Knoxville would get in front of this howitzer.

Click here to see the picture tweeted by Brodie Brazil (warning, graphic)