Goalie Analytics with Coach Steve McKichan

Goalie Analytics with Coach Steve McKichan

Steve McKichan a former Goaltending Coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs is currently the President and CEO of Future Pro Goalie School and has been “turning goalies into future pros for over 20 years”. He joined Rick Ralph on the Rona Roundtable on TSN 1290 Winnipeg on July 17th and provided this insight on goalie analytics.

“…the best puck handling goalies maintain puck possession. The one thing we tracked with the Maple Leafs was every time a goalie touched the puck in a puck handling environment we maintained a percentage of how often their team kept possession of the puck. This is because of the earth shattering secret; if your team has possession of the puck the other team can’t score.

You have two guys with .930 save percentages and one guy that actually has an 85% puckhandling percentage. (That goalie) will win more games because his team always has the puck opposed to the alternative”

On goaltending analytics aside from save percentage:

“I’ve got a couple key metrics that I use. One is save percentage of a goaltender when the team is shorthanded, because that’s where games are won and lost. I would also look at the save percentage of a goalie in the bounce back game after he was pulled. The other metric that I use is rebound control efficiency calculation, where the types of rebounds a goalie is leaving are quantified.

An analysis is done and a number given, like a goals against average where rebound control efficiency is generated for every game which allows you to see the difference between two goalies on how they manage their rebounds.”

While with the Maple Leafs, McKichon realized that shootouts are something that NHL Head Coaches should pay more attention to:

“We were struggling so bad with shootouts in Toronto (with the Maple Leafs), I said (to Head Coach Paul Maurice) let me do a presentation on how to score goals and how we can be better at that, and he said “ah don’t worry about it”. We ended up missing the playoffs by three or four points. The shootouts could  have been a factor, but (Paul Maurice) is probably one of best coaches in the NHL and just loves to let the guys play and use their natural innate abilities.”

Rona Roundtable – Interview with Steve McKichan – July 17, 2014

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