Hnidy: Adam Lowry has earned a spot on the Jets roster

Coming into training camp Adam Lowry was a player that had to impress in training camp to make a roster spot. Drafted in the 3rd round in the 2011 NHL Draft; Lowry spent last year (his first full season as a pro) with the St. John’s IceCaps where he put up 33 points in 64 games.


TSN Winnipeg Jets Analyst Shane Hnidy joined Rick Ralph on the Rona Roundtable for his daily segment at 12:15pm CT and said that Lowry has done enough to start the season with the Winnipeg Jets.

“Training camp is about trying to make the team. You have to go out and do something that is going to get you noticed to get there. Adam Lowry has done exactly that. He’s been on centre, been on left wing, played every position and every situation they put him in he’s made the most of it. In my eyes this is a guy who starts with the Winnipeg Jets.”

Listed at 6 foot 5, Lowry is one of the bigger players in the NHL and has shown this preseason that he can use his size to his advantage.

“The thing about Adam Lowry is he has the size, but also the way he uses it. He uses his size to his advantage. Last night (vs. Edmonton) was a perfect example the way he shielded and protected the puck. This was against the top pairing of Mark Fayne and Nikita Nikitin, both guys are 6 foot 4 with big bodies. He was able to handle them by shielding the puck, protecting the puck, and (he) was real strong in the corners and along the boards.”

Now 21, Lowry has improved his game since being drafted as an 18 year old in 2011.

“Adam Lowry has taken a lot of steps (forward), I’ve been able to watch him (since he was drafted in 2011); his skating has come along and he’s such a smart hockey player. Lowry has played his way onto the team, and that is what you want to see from a young player. That they have worked their way (through the AHL up to the NHL), made the most of the opportunity and he has certainly done that. Lowry will be a good fit (on the Jets roster) as he is versatile, he’ll probably start on the wing but eventually you can see him being a big centremen.”

One element that sets the young Jet apart from his peers is his ability to play on the Penalty Kill.

“He’s a good penalty killer because of that reach that he has. Being 6 foot 5, he’s easily able to get his stick in the passing lane, poke pucks free, be strong on the boards. Lowry doesn’t have to move as much because he covers so much space on the penalty kill, gets in the right position and angles guys into the boards. The ability to play a big role on the penalty kill is one detail of his game that gives him an advantage (over other players vying for a roster spot.

The Winnipeg Jets season gets underway on October 9th in Phoenix at 9pm CT, listen to the game on TSN 1290 or watch it on TSN 3.