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Matt Cooke, NHL Playoffs, Phil Kessel, Matt Harvey & Raptors

I joined Andrew “Hustler” Paterson on the Super Lube Warmup discussing Matt Cooke’s hit on Tyson Barrie, the NHL Playoffs, Phil Kessel’s fishing tweet, Matt Harvey’s deleted twitter account and the Toronto Raptors.

The Warmup – April 22, 2014

Paul Maurice takes a puck to the noggin

This doesn’t happen to often in the National Hockey League. Even the coaches always have to keep their eye on the puck while on the bench. Paul Maurice takes one right in the forehead. Ouch!

Bill Watters on the Winnipeg Jets roster

Former player agent and Assistant GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs Bill Watters talked with Rick Ralph on the Rona Roundtable about what the Winnipeg Jets might do this off-season.

Bill Watters – March 27, 2014

Al Montoya does the splits

Al Montoya is a great puck handler but it gets him into trouble here. Montoya quickly recovers with this move that makes even my groin hurt!

Adam Burish hand injury from blocked shot

Not even Johnny Knoxville would get in front of this howitzer.

Click here to see the picture tweeted by Brodie Brazil (warning, graphic)