Injuries Posts

Blake Wheeler crashes into the Stars bench

Skating down the ice at full speed, Blake Wheeler went right into the open door at the Dallas Stars bench and dropped to the ground. Wheeler left the game but returned for the final minutes. The Winnipeg Jets leading scorer is no stranger to freak injuries as he missed two games in 2012 after taking a slap shot to the neck.

Chapman’s Instagram of the staples in his head


Aroldis Chapman got hit in the face by a line drive earlier this week. The Reds pitcher is one of the hardest throwers in baseball having a fastball recorded 103 MPH.

Earlier this week he got hit in the face by a line drive and was carried off by a stretcher. The ball he threw was clocked at 99 MPH. Chapman recently underwent a procedure to insert a titanium plate in his head. He should be throwing in 10-14 days and back in game conditions in 4-6 weeks.

Here’s a photo that he just instagrammed of the staples in his head. (Warning, this is graphic)

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