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Peluso vs. Cowen

What a fight.

Team Canada Jersey Number History

I have always been fascinated with the process of selecting jersey numbers. When Team Canada comes together for best-on-best International Hockey Tournaments, there is no doubt that some players will have to change numbers.

Introducing the Team Canada Jersey Number Spreadsheet (1998 – 2014)

Detailing the numbers worn by each player in the NHL and at the international event.

Interesting Observations

-19 was the most commonly worn number, with eight Team Canada members wearing it in the NHL (Yzerman, Sakic, Doan, Richards, Spezza, Thornton, Toews, Bouwmeester)

-12 was worn by four different playres while in the NHL (Gagne, Iginla, Staal, Marleau)

-4 and 44 were the most common numbers for defensemen (4: Stevens, Blake, Lecavalier, Bouwmeester) (44: Regehr, Bertuzzi, Pronger, Vlasic)

-Chris Pronger played for Canada four different times from 98-2014 and wore three different numbers (24, 44, 20), the most of any player

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