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Super Lube Warmup: Wheeler’s Toughness & Manitoba Slurpees

Super Lube Warmup: Wheeler’s Toughness & Manitoba Slurpees

I joined Andrew “Hustler” Paterson on The Super Lube Warmup on TSN 1290 Winnipeg; We discussed Blake Wheleer’s toughness after getting body checked by the Dallas Stars bench door (he’s very tough) and the difference in taste between Slurpees sold in Manitoba, and Slurpees sold outside of Manitoba (they’re not even the same thing).

The Warmup – Wheelers toughness & Slurpees

[photo via @Hustlerama]

Blake Wheeler crashes into the Stars bench

Skating down the ice at full speed, Blake Wheeler went right into the open door at the Dallas Stars bench and dropped to the ground. Wheeler left the game but returned for the final minutes. The Winnipeg Jets leading scorer is no stranger to freak injuries as he missed two games in 2012 after taking a slap shot to the neck.

Curse of the Winnipeg Jets Bobbleheads

Curse of the Winnipeg Jets Bobbleheads


Bobbleheads are a great collectible for sports fans. They can be preserved in the box, or taken out to show it’s bobbling glory.

Unfortunately for the Winnipeg Jets, they haven’t had much on-ice success on bobblehead nights.

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Additionally, I spoke about a potential curse of the Winnipeg Jets Bobbleheads with Andrew “Hustler” Paterson on the Super Lube Warmup on March 19th

Jets Bobblehead Curse – March 19, 2014

Cam Ward absolutely robs Bryan Little

Cam Ward has been phenomenal vs. the Jets so far tonight. Here he robs Bryan Little on what looked like a sure goal. Little can’t believe it as he looks skyward.

Blake Wheeler OT Winner vs. Colorado

Wheeler, has the puck driving to the het, Wheeler has it, he waits, and waits, and waits, he still has the puck, Wheeler at the side of the net SCORES! Big win for the Jets.